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ophiasis pattern

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Topic: ophiasis pattern
Posted By: Carolyn Jayne
Subject: ophiasis pattern
Date Posted: 13/February/2017 at 8:10am
Hi folks, does anybody have this type of alopecia ?
Having had many blood tests and a biopsy and a diagnosis of firstly telogen effluvium, then androgenic, 
but the more I look into this my hair loss simply does not follow this pattern and never has.

It started at the back on my neck and has just got higher, it had never regrown for the last 3 years, it has progressed to the sides above my ears and moving on around my face so the hair line is very far back now.
However I still have hair on top of my head, but it's looking like a rather bad comb over !

I really think they have got the diagnosis wrong I do now have an appointment with the dermatologist again, not that will alter hair loss just easier for me to understand.

Has anybody else got this and did they struggle to get a correct answer ?
Be good to hear from you thanks

Posted By: HTray
Date Posted: 16/February/2017 at 3:43am
I've got areata, don't know if this helps, but mine took that pattern once. Started on the back side of my head right at the bottom of my hair line. It went both directions and up at the same time. In about 6 months I lost the bottom inch of my hairline all the way around, even sideburns.

Posted By: Carolyn Jayne
Date Posted: 16/February/2017 at 4:10pm
 thank you for your reply, yes the more I see pictures and information mine really does look more like that, at the moment I would say the left side is about 3 inches higher than it should be, not so high on the right but the sides further back and above my ears.
Did you still have hair on the top  ? as well as diffuse thinning ?
Did it also just stop growing completely ?
Really would like to find more info but maybe it is Areata just follows a different pattern initially, all very odd
Thanks again

Posted By: HTray
Date Posted: 17/February/2017 at 12:44am
after that cycle, all of that grew back in almost completely before the next cycle started, that cycle was on the top of my head. I lost 60-65 percent of all my hair that time. Check out the post I made in "your experiences" section and then the one I made in the "treatment" section. I'd post a link to them, but links don't seem to work, or I'm doing something wrong. 

Posted By: HTray
Date Posted: 17/February/2017 at 12:49am
additional info. Mine originally started with one spot on the top right side of my scalp, followed quickly by one in almost the same location on the left side. From that point on, I lost hair almost in a mirror image on both sides. Sometimes the spots met in the middle, sometimes not. But over the course of 8 yrs I lost more and more hair with each cycle. When it grew back, it was always thinner. 8 yrs ago I had massively thick hair. lol

Posted By: Carolyn Jayne
Date Posted: 17/February/2017 at 8:14am
Hi Thanks for this it is sounding more and more like what I am seeing, some has grown back but very patchy and the quality of hair is terrible, baby fluff !
All very poo I had very long and dense hair about 3 years ago now you can see through it or there's nothing there at all.
Do you have allergies ? Or does family members have autoimmune issues, as that also seems to follow,
Thanks again Carolyn

Posted By: HTray
Date Posted: 17/February/2017 at 1:00pm
no real allergies to speak of, some pollens in the Spring, but nothing very bad. In fact, according to the doctor, I'm perfectly healthy except for this. There seems to be a lot of different reasons this can start though. I have a cousin that has autoimmune problems, for a couple years they thought he had lupus, now they have no idea what he has. From what I understand, if this is something you inherited. It would start when you are young. I was 50 when mine started.  The symptoms before my hair would fall out often varied. Sometimes it was like being to close to a heat lamp that you couldn't get away from and I would scratch that area raw, because it burned sometimes I would look in the mirror and see a new bald spot almost as if it all fell out over night. Usually the skin would turn whte, or be a much lighter color than the rest of my scalp but no always. The hair never grew back in until the skin got its color back. 

Posted By: HTray
Date Posted: 18/February/2017 at 3:40am
I sent you a pm

Posted By: Bexiboo
Date Posted: 24/November/2017 at 8:19pm
I think I have this pattern of alopcia I went to the derm and he said TE too but that is only supposed to last for 6 months and this has been going on for getting on for 2 years now but definitely got worse the last year. Itís at the nape and traveling upwards I canít wear my hair in a ponytail anymore. Itís very depressing and worrying.

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