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Sisters shave off hair for Alopecia UK

2nd March 2006

On Saturday 4th February, sisters Eliza and Amna shaved off their hair, raising money for Alopecia UK as well as awareness. Everyone at Alopecia UK is extremely grateful for their hard work raising money and being brave enough to shave off their hair. Below is Eliza's account.

My sister and I shaved our heads this weekend. Why? For Alopecia UK - a charity providing support and advice for people suffering from alopecia. We realised how important our hair was to us - and decided that it would be character-strengthening to get rid of it and see how we dealt with it. Making the choice to get rid of your hair, especially when your aim for the last seven years has been to grow it as long as possible, is not particularly easy - and we realised people would be willing to donate to charity in order to see us do it. So we searched online for UK-based hair-related charities and found Alopecia UK. We also found the company 'Banbury Postiche', which buys hair from individuals and uses it to make 'real-hair' wigs. Banbury Postiche is used by the NHS to supply wigs for people who have alopecia; whether naturally or as a result of chemotherapy, so we decided to send the hair to them. We both spent last week running around attempting to raise as much sponsorship as possible from our neighbourhoods, friends and family - and thanks to their wonderful generosity our total stands at 630.00!

We also set up a website for online donations at which will remain functioning for the next few days so if you are reading this and thinking 'I would have sponsored them if I'd known' you still can!

So we collected all this sponsorship and the big day came around rather quickly - we got together and reached for the clippers....and then it was over. We now have shaved heads! Do we regret it? Not in the least:) It blatantly does not look conventionally wonderful - but as we should all know life is not all about looks. It will grow back (if we want it to!), and we managed to raise a colossal amount of money for a charity in need of it - how can you regret that?:) Wed like to thank everyone who sponsored us - we couldn't have done it without you!

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Alopecia UK is a registered charity number 1111304 and Scottish registered charity SCO44702
All content is © Alopecia UK 2018

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