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Introducing Joelle, Young Person's Ambassador for Alopecia UK

5th August 2014

Alopecia UK are delighted to introduce Joelle as a young person’s ambassador for Alopecia UK. Joelle is a 15 year old singer from North London and has had alopecia since the age of 8.

Joelle experienced bullying at school and has become an active campaigner for both anti-bullying and alopecia awareness.

Joelle’s music video “Big in LA” has received over 260,000 views on YouTube and was featured in Worldwide press. Joelle made her first national UK TV appearance in August 2013, with a guest spot on ITV’s Lorraine.

During Easter 2014, Joelle got involved in some rather unusual chocolate fun to raise awareness and this was covered by Metro newspaper.

Joelle says: “The past few years have been an incredible whirlwind and I am still only 15. I have had some really incredible and surreal experiences and, as strange as it may seem, I do not believe that these would have happened if it weren’t for my alopecia. I understand that everybody has different experiences and some people experience teasing and bullying in schools and in the workplace. I feel strongly about this condition, so much so that I have become an active campaigner, sharing my story and experiences online. I am now able to talk openly about it, and how it affected me personally. It took me 6 years before I was able to take my hair off in public and be proud of how I look.“

Charity Manager Jen Chambers explains: “It is great that Joelle has become a young person’s ambassador for Alopecia UK. She has already been involved in lots of media work to raise awareness including printed press and videos.  She is a fantastic role model and a great spokesperson for younger people with the condition. Joelle shows young people that having alopecia should not stop you achieving anything!”

Joelle continues: “I am thrilled and honoured to be part of Alopecia UK as the charity is close to my heart and the work it does is so valuable. Working together we can raise awareness for alopecia. I will be attending Alopecia UK's ‘Big Weekend’ event in London on 13th September and hope to see you all there!”


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