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Engaging workshops for children and teenagers

21st August 2015

Parents of children and teenagers with alopecia may be interested to learn of school workshop options that may be of benefit to their children and classmates.

Heads Up! Alopecia and wig workshops

Karena Moore-Millar’s PhD research at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) has involved looking at wig technologies for people with medical hair loss. Karena, who has alopecia herself, has developed a the ‘Heads Up!’ workshops to raise awareness of alopecia through product design and fun.

Workshops can take place in various community settings including schools, social clubs, support groups, health centres and other venues on request.

Within the workshops, participants are asked to write about feelings associated with alopecia. They are asked to imagine having the condition and write down positive and negative aspects to having alopecia.

You can view full photos of previous workshops here.

For further details of the workshops, including how to get in touch with Karena, please click here.

Sue Hampton, Author and Alopecia UK Ambassador

Sue Hampton is an Ambassador for Alopecia UK and the author of more than 20 novels for children, teens and adults, including the two alopecia titles, The Waterhouse Girl and Crazy Daise. An ex-teacher, Sue has visited more than 500 schools to inspire pupils to read and write - and to share her message as a woman with alopecia.

At most schools everyone has hair and she can educate them about the condition itself, about difference and respect. But Sue especially loves to offer support at schools where a student is experiencing hair loss. Then the presentation is adapted to the needs and wishes of that young person. Of course feeling different is something many people with hair can relate to in other ways, and Sue's writing workshops enable pupils to explore difference creatively through character, just as she did herself when she created Daisy Waterhouse.

Sue believes in the power of imagination and calls it our human superpower. She is the walking, talking evidence of that power to change lives and hopes to show students, whatever their age (she works with YN to Sixth Form) that difficulties overcome makes us stronger.

You can view photos of some of Sue’s school visits, as well as some of her work in the role of Alopecia UK ambassador, here.

For further details, including how to get in touch with Sue, please visit her website.

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