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Alopecia UK meet researchers in Miami!

10th December 2015

Alopecia UK at World Congress for Hair Research 2015

Alopecia UK were very lucky to be invited to attend the 9th World Congress for Hair Research and have an Alopecia UK charity stall as well as a poster presentation from the Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership.  The congress was held in Miami this year and as such a company kindly contributed towards airfare and accommodation which enabled us to attend.

The congress saw 700 attendees from 53 countries gather together to discuss hair research from around the world.  Among the attendees were dermatologists, trichologists, surgeons and clinicians as well as researchers and those who work in the hair industry.  The congress comprised of a variety of talks, focus groups, poster presentations, symposiums, as well as a range of exhibitors.  It was a good opportunity for the international community to get together and present new research, share experiences and discuss new directions for the advancement of knowledge in hair growth, hair and scalp disease, and clinical care.

Our Trustee, Jackie Tomlinson, and Charity Manager, Jen Chambers, both attended the event on behalf of Alopecia UK.  They packed a huge amount in to their time there.  Here they tell us a little about what they got up to:


“This was my first time attending the World Congress for Hair Research.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it’s was great to go along.  I was mainly there to man the Alopecia UK stand and chat with delegates about the charity and what we’ve been up to with the Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership but I still squeezed in a few talks and symposiums.  I was really impressed with the event.  I think often we just think there is nothing happening with regards to research for alopecia when in fact there is actually quite a lot of people trying!  It sounds like there is still a long way to go with much more funds needed to get larger scale trials happening but there are things happening out there which is positive.  Overall, I’m really pleased we went out there.  It was hard work but we had some great talks with people, some valuable learning through the talks, in particular one on setting up trials, a great meeting with the American alopecia charity ‘NAAF’ which was a good getting to know each other opportunity, sharing knowledge and experiences with each other about our own organisations and developing some ideas around potential projects for future working.”


“Having presented and spoken at the 7th World Congress for Hair Research in Edinburgh in 2013 it was really nice to be invited along to this one.  I’ve been along to a few of these events now and it is always nice to go along and catch up with what is happening in the world of research so that we can see how Alopecia UK fits in to that and how we could get more happening in the UK.  There is a lot of positive progression happening around the world and we want to bring that to the UK to support more UK based alopecia research.”

Whilst at the congress Jackie and Jen attempted to squeeze in the filming of some video blogs. To watch their daily video blogs please click on the links below.  They go in to further details about their experiences and thoughts regards the congress (as well as looking progressively more tired each day.  They didn’t manage to adjust their body clocks very well!).

Day 1

To View Jackie’s in depth summation of Day 1, in particular their attendance at the ‘Epidemiology & Clinical Trial Design’ pre-congress course which included mention of the JAK inhibitors trial please see here.

To view Jen’s thoughts on the congress after Day 1 see here.


Day 2

To view day 2’s very short sum up from a very tired pair see here!


Day 3

A sum up of the day including commentary on neutraceuticals and what they are doing here.


Day 4

Some final thoughts on the congress whilst waiting for flights home here.


A huge thank you to our sponsor, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, for covering airfare and accommodation.


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All content is © Alopecia UK 2018

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