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International Alopecia Day 2016

3rd August 2016

Every year the first Saturday in August is proclaimed 'International Alopecia Day'. Saturday 6th August is 2016's date for raising some awareness worldwide! 

The annual awareness day was the brainchild of a lady in the USA called Mary Marshall. The idea is a simple one; people with alopecia from all over the world share a photo of themselves on the same day. Any photos emailed to Mary are included in her International Alopecia Day YouTube video. 

Alopecia UK has supported Mary's awareness initiative for a number of years now and we're always happy to share your photos from our own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

If you're happy to get involved, please feel free to share your photos on Alopecia UK's social media. 

If you would like your photo to be included in Mary's International Alopecia Day YouTube video, the following instructions from Mary are here to guide you: 


You don't have to be in the video to celebrate and be part of IAD on August 6, but if you DO want to be in the annual YouTube video, here are some important things to do:

1. Take your photos ON International Alopecia Day. This is meant to be a snapshot of people with alopecia around the world on ONE day. If circumstances prevent you from taking your IAD photo on the actual day, you can take it on another day close in time – just make it looks like it could have been taken on IAD to stay with the theme.

2. You can be in a wig, bald, with patches or lots of hair, or in a hat or scarf. THIS IS ALL OF US, AS WE ARE! YOU CHOOSE.

3. If you want, hold a SIGN saying where you live, and make the sign in YOUR LANGUAGE.

4. If you make a sign that includes the name of the holiday, please make sure you use the official name: “International Alopecia Day”, and NOT “Alopecia Awareness Day” or other variants.

5. TO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR PHOTO TAKEN ON AUGUST 6 IS IN THIS YEAR’S YOUTUBE IAD VIDEO, YOU MUST SEND IT TO: Many people like to share their IAD photos on Facebook alopecia groups, including the International Alopecia Day Group, but unless it’s ALSO emailed to the official address, I might miss it. And, emailing the photos to me is how I can be sure I have your PERMISSION to put them in the video.

6. In your email with your photo, please include the CITY and COUNTRY where you live so I can put your photo in the correct place in the video. I will acknowledge all emails (it might take me a little time) and this will be your confirmation that your photo was received! The deadline to submit photos is September 6, 2016, so there’s plenty of time after IAD.

7. Please don’t send in professionally-posed “studio” portraits OR photos that you’ve posted on your Facebook page before IAD. All photos for the IAD video should be taken on International Alopecia Day – the first Saturday in August - and be natural and spontaneous-looking.

8. ONE photo per person or family - your BEST and favourite. There are too many submissions to include more than one per person. BUT, if you’re having a GROUP event and need more than one photo to show everyone, you can send in more than one. Can’t decide which photo to send? You can make a PHOTOMONTAGE in one image to include more in your submission. BUT, remember that your photos will look smaller in the finished video if they’re part of a montage.

Watch the previous years' videos on YouTube under "International Alopecia Day" to see what people have done. Last year we had participants from 35 countries. LET'S MAKE THIS YEAR EVEN BIGGER!

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