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Rochelle's Big Challenge for Alopecia UK

8th August 2014

A couple of weeks ago we caught up with Rochelle Bailey, 42, from Caversham before she begins her HUGE challenge for Alopecia UK this weekend.

What is your challenge?
Iím running the Cotswold Path from Chipping Campden to Bath, a multi stage ultra-marathon which totals 102 miles and for this event is spread over 4 days, broken down to 17 miles, 27 miles, 25 miles and 33 miles.  They say on the last days itís a long descent into Bath and I hope theyíre right as by that stage Iíll need all the help I can get!

Are you looking forward to it? Do you feel well prepared?
When I think about what Iím doing in its entirety I feel sick in my stomach but if I look at each day as an individual run itís all very exciting as I will be running through some of the most scenic parts of the UK.  For the last 10 weeks Iíve been working with Dom, who is a fantastic running coach, and he plans all my training sessions and tells me to get a grip when I think itís just all too much!  Itís been pretty intense, especially the last 3 weeks, as the weekly mileage gets ramped up but Iíve only missed one training session so it really couldnít have gone any better so Iím as prepared as I can be.  Itís now just a case of keeping myself safe and healthy whilst tapering down. 

Why have you chosen to raise funds for Alopecia UK?
I was diagnosed with alopecia areata earlier this and with a few lifestyle changes, and a fuller fringe have got through this pretty well and my hair is now starting to grow back Ė I donít even mind that itís growing back grey!!  The information and advice given by Alopecia UK to help me deal with those early stages was brilliant so this is my way of saying thank you so they can continue to support others.
How are you going to celebrate once you have finished?
Chocolate milk and crisps Ė the recovery meal of champions!
If Rochelleís story has inspired you make a donation to her fundraising total, you can visit her Justgiving page here.

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